Have you ever wondered why you should recycle your car? BYOT has the answers for you. We offer many environmentally friendly methods to repurpose your car, which has led us to be the leading auto recycling company in Central Texas. 

The first step in recycling is to take out anything that remains inside the car. This includes antifreeze, oil, gas, freon, transmission fluid, and more. We take these elements out of the car to make sure that they don’t run off into the environment and further damage the ecosystem. Other things like tires, batteries, and jacks are removed as well. Most of these items are available for sale in our shop. 

The car is then safely set on wheel stands for easy access to parts.  We buy around 350 new parts cars every month so our inventory is constantly changing as we add fresh inventory to pull parts from. Once our parts vehicles have completed their time in our yard, they are pulled and sent to the crusher. From there, the vehicle is sent to a metal recycling facility that shreds and sorts the material to be melted and reused in new products.

BYOT Locations

We have three store located in Texas and 1 located in Port Allen, LA. You can find them below.

Not only do we pride ourselves in being environmentally friendly, but we also are proud to provide outstanding customer service. Our mission is to provide the absolute best customer experience in the auto recycling industry. We hope that you choose us next time you need to sell your car or find parts for your car! We also have cars for sale!