safety and returns policy


  • No Blow Torches

  • Bring Your Own Tools

  • Wear Appropriate Clothing

  • No Car Jacks

  • Bring Car Lubricant(WD-40)

Your safety is our top priority at BYOT Auto Parts.

Please read and understand all of our safety policies before visiting the yard:

  • You must be at least 16 to enter the yard, and have proper I.D.

  • Fluids have been drained and batteries removed.

  • We only accept cash or credit card…no checks.

  • Alcohol is not permitted in the yard.

  • BYOT reserves the right to deny admission to anyone.

  • Sandals or open toe shoes are not permitted.

  • Anyone not obeying our rules and policies, or we feel is a threat to the safety of others will be asked to leave.

  • Torches or any type of cutoff wheels are not permitted.

  • You are allowed to bring portable compressors and generators as long as they fit through the main entry doors. (no additional fuel tanks permitted)

  • No pets allowed in the yard.

  • No jacks are allowed, as all parts are easily accessible.

  • Check part prices before removing any part(s).

  • Bring your own tools, for we do not loan or rent tools.

  • Bring your own hand or battery operated tools.

  • Part(s) you bring into the yard must be clearly marked by one of our employees before entering the yard.

  • Engine hoists, wheel barrows, and wagons are available for use (please return to the when done).

  • Any part(s) that do not carry our marking will be considered to be the property of BYOT.

  • All vehicles are conveniently grouped together in sections by make.

  • BYOT reserves the right to check all tool boxes, totes, bags, cases, etc., upon leaving the yard.

  • Some parts may interchange with other models.

  • The yard is clearly marked notifying customers the area of business and the areas that are off limits to customers.

  • Any and all theft or vandalism will be reported and prosecuted.

  • New vehicles arrive daily. If you are not able to locate a part, let our sales staff help you locate the part.

  • Your safety is our priority, so please report any unsafe conditions or actions to a BYOT employee immediately.

  • Wear the appropriate clothing such as, safety glasses, closed toe shoes, jeans or coveralls.

  • If you are pulling a heavy part bring another person to help you out.


All parts are sold “AS IS” unless cash back 30 day warranty is purchased at the time of sale.

If you need to return your part during the warranty period, the part purchase price and core charges will be refunded. Warranty, environmental fees and admission fees are non-refundable.


– Used tires come with a 48 hour “one time” exchange warranty only. No extended warranty available. No return on tire used for racing or other hobbies.
– No warranty available on batteries used for solar systems.

Requirements for warranty returns/exchanges:

– All returns MUST be accompanied by the original receipt, & BYOT markings MUST be on the part.
– Parts must not be tampered with, disassembled, repaired, or swapped in any way.
– BYOT reserves the right to refuse any return/exchange based on any items noted above, BYOT markings missing, or original receipt missing or illegible.

Accepted payments: