Search for these and other great parts at our convenient location in Waco, TX. At BYOT Auto Parts, we offer a wide range of affordable, high-quality parts. Check out these part prices in Waco to see if we have the part you’re looking for at the price you love.

*** The prices listed below are for the“Main” Yard only. Our SP Yard pricing is different from our Main Yard. For more information regarding Special Pricing please contact the BYOT location directly or see “What is the Special Pricing Yard?” in our About Section. ***

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Part Prices in Waco, TX

We know you have options for auto parts, and we also know about the part prices in Waco, TX. That’s why we knew that we had to come up with a better solution. We also hate to see useful parts go to waste just because the car is no longer drivable. Many times, the parts are almost as good as new.

Classic car enthusiasts know that when you need parts that are hard to find, they are costly if you finally do locate them. At BYOT Auto Parts, we offer better car part prices in Waco, Tx. Whether you have a classic car or a newer one, chances are we have just what you need. Take a little drive, bring your tools, and save big.

Come & Pick Your Own!

If you are willing to take a little time and do a little work, you can save a lot of money. We’ll even let you use our engine hoists, wheelbarrows, and wagons, free of charge. Our interchange software helps to point you to vehicles that may have the part you need. We add several new vehicles to our inventory every day, so make sure to check back frequently.

Grab your tools and come on down. Just because we didn’t have it yesterday doesn’t mean we won’t have it today. Our helpful and friendly staff can help you identify the vehicles most likely to have your part and point you in the right direction. Then, when you find the part you need, pull it, and we’ll get you on your way.

Why Choose BYOT Auto Parts

When you need a part for your car or truck, why pay the high price of retail if you don’t have to? When you need to get your vehicle up and running and save money while doing it, come see us. Our yard is clean, safe, environmentally-friendly, and organized to save you time. Call us at 254-272-3668 or stop by today.