Search for these and other great parts at our convenient location in Beaumont. At BYOT Auto Parts, we offer a wide range of affordable, high-quality parts. Check out these part prices in Beaumont, TX, to see if we have the part you’re looking for at the price you love.

* Prices listed below are “Main” Yard prices only. For pricing from our “Special Pricing” Yards, please contact the BYOT location directly. For more information regarding Special Pricing see “What is the Special Pricing Yard?” in our How it Works Section.


Parts Prices in Beaumont, TX

Our fresh inventory of vehicles has a wide range of parts, so we’re confident you can find an affordable replacement part for your car. Look for parts for these systems and check out the price list for each component in our inventory:

  • Brake systems

  • Engines and transmissions

  • Air intakes and exhausts

  • Wheels and windows

Since we use full vehicles for our inventory, this is just a sample of the parts available for your car. Explore our parts list and use the search feature to see if we have the parts you need.

Come and Pick Your Own!

Our unique bring your own tools experience allows you to scout out your own parts and save money on the components you need. We discuss the components you’re looking for with our interchange system. Next, we allow you to browse our lot with your own tools to find the parts you’re looking for.

We provide wagons, wheelbarrows, and engine hoists for your safety and convenience. Because you pull your own parts out of our vehicles, you can enjoy incredible savings on individual or bulk auto parts.

Enjoy Self-Service Auto Parts Near You

Contact us today or search our parts list for car part prices in Beaumont, TX. Discover how you can restore your ride and perform essential preventative maintenance on your favorite vehicle with our extensive inventory and innovative auto parts recycling program. If you have the tools and expertise to remove your own parts, find out how you can save big on used auto parts.