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Ready for an affordable and fun way to get the auto parts you need? Stop by your local BYOT Auto Parts location in Waco, Bryan/College Station, Beaumont, TX & Baton Rouge, LA to find the parts you need from an environmentally friendly business. Find out how it works before you grab your tools and search for the parts you need.

our picking process

BYOT’s goal is to make your parts pulling experience fun, quick, and easy! And yes, we said FUN! Using our state of the art vehicle inventory & parts interchange software and a little help from BYOT’s professional staff, we’ll get you headed straight to the vehicle that potentially has the parts you are looking for.
We know your time is valuable and want to ensure that you are able to locate everything you need to repair or recondition your fine ride as quickly as possible! Since BYOT Auto Parts is a “Self-Service” facility, we do not inventory individual parts, just our vehicles. We add 10-20 new vehicles to our inventory daily, so our inventory is ALWAYS fresh! Stop by and see for yourself how BYOT is transforming the “Bring Your Own Tools and Pull Your Own Parts” experience!

  • Don’t spend your time digging through a jumbled scrap pile or spend your money on costly replacement parts. At BYOT Auto Parts, our unique process allows you to find the parts you need for less cost.
  • Since we leave our inventory as-is, you don’t have to pay a mechanic or auto parts specialist to remove parts from used vehicles. We’ll point you in the right direction, and you can use your own tools and expertise to locate the parts and remove them. This can cost up to 75% less than the typical value of these new or used parts.
  • We provide engine hoists, eight-passenger golf carts, wagons, and wheelbarrows to haul a part to your vehicle. These convenience items must stay on our property but are helpful if you need an engine or other bulky component. Bring a friend along to haul these heavy items for your own safety.

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safety and return policy

why choose us

A typical salvage yard requires you to wade through piles of parts, unsorted vehicles, and other hassles. We keep our yard clean, and our inventory neatly organized for your convenience. Before stopping by, you can search our Waco inventory, Bryan/College Station inventoryBeaumont inventory, and Baton Rouge, LA. to verify we have the make and model of components you need.

Now that you know what to expect, what are you waiting for? Contact us for more information or stop by one of our locations today. Bring your work clothes and tools and prepare to leave with the must-have auto parts you need and cash still in your pocket.

  • Interchange

    We’ll show you which cars might have your part.


    Pay a small admission fee of $2 per person.
    Must be at least 16 years of age to enter, and have proper I.D.


    Bring Your Own Tools and pull your own parts. You choose the parts you want! We even provide FREE use of our engine hoists, wheel barrows, and wagons!


    Just bring your parts to the counter and watch how much $$$ you save!

Now that you know what to expect, what are you waiting for?

Contact us for more information or stop by one of our locations today. Bring your work clothes and tools and prepare to leave with the must-have auto parts you need and cash still in your pocket.


Waco yard layout map
Bryan / College Station yard layout map
Beaumont yard layout map
Baton Rouge yard layout map
Waco yard map


Why should I purchase parts from BYOT Auto Parts?

Our primary focus is to save you money! We have the parts you need at an average of over 75% off new part prices!

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What type of warranty does BYOT offer on parts?

All parts are sold “AS IS” unless  30 day cash back warranty is purchased at the time of sale. If you wish to return a part during the warranty period, the part purchase price and any core charges will be refunded. However, the warranty fee, the environmental fee, and the admission fees are all non-refundable.

Used tires come with a 48 hour “one time” exchange warranty.

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Requirements for warranty returns/exchanges:

  • All returns MUST be accompanied by the original receipt, & BYOT markings MUST be on the part.
  • Parts must not be tampered with, disassembled, repaired, or swapped in any way.
  • BYOT reserves the right to refuse any return based on parts being tampered with, BYOT markings missing or removed, or original receipt missing or illegible.

Are the vehicle easily accessible?

Yes! All vehicles are set up securely on wheel stands and easily accessible to all of the parts you need.

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Does BYOT offer a courtesy golf cart?

Yes! BYOT has an eight-passenger golf cart that shuffles our customers through the yard on Fridays and Saturdays to provide a customer experience like no other! Swing by and take a ride to pull your parts today!

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Why does BYOT Charge and admission fee?

The $2 admission fee helps BYOT offset the cost of operating an environmentally friendly auto recycling business.

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There are many different costs such as labor for yard cleanup/janitorial, environmental protection measures, waste disposal, and heightened safety precautions.

What is the Special Pricing Yard?

The Special Pricing Yard contains vehicles that are generally later model and higher demand. Since we pay more $ to get these vehicles, we charge a little more for those parts.

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Prices vary between each vehicle within the Special Pricing Yard, therefore, please ask a BYOT sales associate for specific pricing before you pull any parts. Thanks

Why is BYOT Auto Parts closed on Sundays?

At BYOT, nothing is more important than family and friends. We do realize that most other “Self-Service” auto recyclers are open on Sundays.

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However, it is important to us to allow our employees the opportunity to spend Sunday with friends or family, attend church, or just take a break. We appreciate your business!

How much does BYOT pay for vehicles?

There are many factors that decide how much we will pay for a vehicle.

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We’ll pay you on the spot and even pick it up for free! For an accurate quote please give us a call!