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BYOT is a locally-owned and family-operated business that puts customer satisfaction first. We stand out from other junk yards that buy cars and offer used auto parts by offering an amazing customer experience every single time. Our experienced team of scrap dealers from Waco takes great care to inventory and update the items we offer, saving you from wandering through piles of unsorted auto parts in other salvage yards.

You don’t have to spend money on a mechanic to remove the parts you need. Our helpful staff will direct you to a vehicle that may have your needed auto part where you can use your tools to locate the parts and remove them. We also provide wheelbarrows, wagons, golf carts, and engine hoists so you can easily haul what you collect to the front counter. We’ve made the process easy, cost-effective, and efficient. Our salvage yards are the safest and cleanest in Texas and Louisiana.

Our Car Selling Process

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    Call or fill out our simple form with basic information about your vehicle and how we can reach you, and we’ll shortly provide you with an attractive offer.

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    You can choose one of our locations to drop off your vehicle or you can have our scrap dealers from Waco pick it up from your place free of charge.

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    We pay top dollar with no hidden fees involved. You’ll receive immediate payment from our tow driver when they come to pick up your vehicle.






Read the experiences of our previous customers

"Alot of parts at very affordable prices. Got 2 17inch aluminum wheel and tires for $40 each. With good looking tires."
Scott Wade
"Great place to get parts at a very low prive. Friendly staff and very helpful. The strut that's straight is the one that I got from BYOT."
Joanne Upton
"Love this place! The staff is super knowledgeable and can help point you in the right direction. We usually find more than expected and have never left empty handed. I enjoy looking at some of the older or more obscure vehicles on the lot...never know what you're gonna find there when you're not lookin for it. Would definitely recommend checking their inventory to make sure they have the comparable make/models you're looking for before heading out there. Oh and don't forget your tools!"
Jami Robertson
"Excellent phone customer service, Jamie! If it weren't for you, I would have picked the wrong part. These folks are here to help and they know their cars, I. E., they know what is inventoried and which part is available. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find the part I needed, but it is good to know there is a place we can go for parts that isn't in the business of ripping off their customers. You guys are the best!"
Wilhelm Karl
"Clean yard. They provide things things besides tools to help with your picking needs. Staff is very friendly. They should offer military discounts hopefully one day."
Hannibal Veguilla

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a salvage yard work?

Salvage yards across Waco and Central Texas buy used cars and sell their parts to car owners at a price that’s lower than that of a new part.

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They typically charge an entrance fee and allow you to search the cars in their inventory for the part you need.

What are the most valuable auto parts you can find in junkyards?

As new parts can be expensive, you can save a lot of money by purchasing used parts in perfectly reusable condition.

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These parts include fenders, GPS system, doors, bumpers, tires, wheel, and rims.

What does pick and pull mean?

A pick and pull junk yard is a place where you can literally pick the car part you need and pull it off a used vehicle. BYOT Auto Parts is a self serve junkyard near you!

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This way, you avoid the additional cost of paying a mechanic or a specialist in Waco or Central Texas to do it for you.

How to find a good auto yard?

When you’re looking for the best car buyers for your used vehicle, the safest way to do it is by checking their reviews.

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With a lot of review sites such as Google Reviews and Yelp, or if the business has a website, you can easily check for online reviews, but you can also ask your friends and family for recommendations.

How do I find the salvage value of my car?

While there are several online calculators you can use to check your used car’s salvage value, they may not always be accurate.

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The best way to do it is to reach out to your local junkyard that buys cars in Central Texas and Waco and ask them for a precise estimate.

Who will pay the most for my used car?

While most scrap dealers set the value of your used car based on similar criteria, the prices can still significantly differ.

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Research your local salvage yards and ask them for quotes to find the dealer who provides the best offer.

How much do you get for scrapping a car?

The amount you can get for your used car from scrap dealers in Waco and Central Texas depends on several factors.

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These factors include the size of the car, materials, mileage, age, and more. Contact your local junk yard dealer to get a precise estimate.

Where can I find the best car buyers near me in Central Texas & Waco?

As a family-owned and operated business and the cleanest and safest yard in Louisiana and Texas, BYOT is your go-to company. We’re here if you’re looking to sell your car for cash or find quality used auto parts for your vehicle, or you’re interested in buying and selling junk cars. We’re here to make your pick and pull experience quick, easy, and fun.

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We boast our cutting-edge vehicle inventory and parts interchange software that helps you find the part you’re looking for quickly and efficiently. In addition, our professional staff is ready to assist you and guide you through our clean and neat yard. Reach out to us today and see for yourself why we’re the best.


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