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Your jalopy may look old but give us a call. To us, it just may be gold!

Take away the junk car from your yard & get money

Are you growing tired of seeing your old-timer gathering rust? Has it ever crossed your mind that someone may be interested in taking it off your hands? This is where BYOT comes into play. Some may see junk but we see potential in almost any car we come across. As reputable used car buyers in Bellmead, we combine expertise and responsibility to take away a potential environmental or safety hazard from your backyard or garage and clear your space for more useful projects. We’re quick, professional, and transparent, so don’t hesitate to call us.

best place to sell your car for money in bellmead

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    What to expect from junk yards that buy cars in Bellmead

    First off, we’ll need to know some things about your vehicle. We’ll ask just a few basic questions like the brand, model, manufacture year, and condition of your ride. We’ll also have to take into account your location before assessing the market data and coming up with an instant offer. Our team won’t ask for any personal information before you receive our offer to sell your car for money, not cash.

    Once you’ve reached a deal to sell your car to our pick-n-pull and all the details are ironed out, we’ll swiftly arrive at your location in Bellmead with a tow truck and take over. Of course, you may get more money if you deliver the vehicle to our auto processing yard yourself. When your car arrives, we’ll do a quick inspection to make sure that we’re getting what we agreed on. If everything is in order, we’ll pay you on the spot so you can count the money, relax, and start planning your next move.

    What types of cars interest our used car car buyers

    There is just one thing you should keep in mind – BYOT Auto Parts will make an offer for practically any vehicle, drivable or not. As true believers that “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure,” we’re the best place to sell your car for money in Bellmead. Whether you own a junk, wrecked, or used car, or your vehicle classifies as a parts or scrap car, or even a flood or fire-damaged car, there is a great chance it will arouse our interest.

    Why BYOT is the prime choice for auto parts near you

    If you’re having trouble finding the right auto part for your ride, there’s a strong possibility you’ll find it in our easily searchable inventory. As one of the best used car buyers in Bellmead, we boast a huge selection of auto parts for cars of all makes and models. We stand out for our attentive customer service and affordable prices. If you choose BYOT, you can count on numerous benefits that you won’t find with our competitors, chief among them:

    • Intuitive online inventory
      If you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to bother coming to our shop to look for car parts. With our searchable inventory, you can easily browse through our offer enjoying the comfort of your living room. Going through our salvage lot is easy and will take just a few minutes of your time. Once you find what you’re looking for, give our junk car buyers in Bellmead a call to confirm the availability of the auto part in question before concluding the deal.
    • Our parts come with a warranty
      One of the things that put people off purchasing used auto parts is the fear that they’ll get faulty or defunct parts that won’t last long. With BYOT junk yard that buys cars, there is no such fear. We back our auto parts with a 30-day money-back guarantee to provide our customers with peace of mind. If during this period you find faults with the part you’ve purchased, drop by our store and we’ll replace it with a functioning equivalent or give you your money back.
    • Count on our assistance
      Don’t hesitate to come to us when you’re looking for a reliable car parts salvage yard in Bellmead. Whether you need an A-frame hoist, a wagon, or a wheelbarrow, we’ve got all the tools and equipment needed to remove the car parts and transfer large or heavy ones to the payment area. Come to us, we’ll do everything we can to help you get what you need!

    What separates us from other places that buy junk cars

    BYOT specializes in all things used cars! Whether you want to sell your car to a junkyard, buy a used vehicle, or find auto parts you’ve been looking for for a long time, we have what it takes to offer a swift, seamless, and enjoyable experience. We provide free towing in Bellmead, money payments on the spot, and customer service that is ready to come to your rescue.

    If you’re on the lookout for specific car parts, come and find them in our backyard. We strike more than 350 deals to buy used cars every month, so we offer a choice of around 1,000 vehicles at all times. With such a large selection of all types of cars, there is every chance you’ll find the vehicle or auto part you’re looking for. Pay a symbolic $2 fee and you’re welcome to take a look around our salvage yard for that elusive gem that you need.

    Looking for auto parts but can’t find them? Try BYOT!

    Stop by our inventory and explore our rich offer of parts for vehicles of all ages and makes. We have what you’re looking for!

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    Feel free to stop by anytime you feel like it. After five visits, we’ll reward you with a significant 25% discount on everything you find in our backyard. Daily visitors at our Kiosk can unlock special goodies reserved for the VIPs. Each visit is rewarding!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best age to sell a used car?

    The most important factor to keep in mind when looking for used car buyers in Bellmead is depreciation. After 2 to 3 years cars experience a significant drop in value, while after 5 years they usually lose roughly 50% of their original value.

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    If your vehicle is in good condition, maybe the best moment to sell your car is between 3 to 5 years of age or before their mileage goes over the 50,000 miles mark. If, for some reason, you got bored with your ride pretty quickly or aren’t exactly satisfied with it, the best thing would be to react quickly and start looking for the best place to sell your car for cash before it turns a year.

    How do I sell my car to a junkyard in Texas?

    One thing that you’ll have to produce if you’re looking to make some cash for a junk car in Bellmead, or any other place in Texas for that matter, is your vehicle identification number (VIN).

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    VIN is a 17-character unique serial code number used to identify an individual car. It’s usually located on the driver’s side door, door jamb, or in the bottom corner of the windshield.

    Who gives the most money for junk cars?

    If you have a decrepit vehicle lying around gathering dust in the garage or bugs in the backyard, the best way to make easy money off of it is to call BYOT and sell your used car.

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    Our team will not only provide free towing service but also line your pocket with a fair and reasonable sum that would be very hard to match.

    Do I need to notify the DMV if I junk my car in Texas?

    A short answer would be, yes. If you get in touch with a reputable junk car buyer in Bellmead or strike a deal to sell your car to pick-n-pull, you’ll have to notify the DMV.

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    There are several ways you can do this, including in person, over the phone, using an online form, or via email.

    Where can I sell my used car for the best price in Bellmead, TX & beyond?

    If you’re looking for an honest team to make an offer for that heap of iron on your lawn, look no further than BYOT. With expert machinery and equipment, an experienced and motivated workforce, and determination to close the deals with generous offers, BYOT is the best place to sell your car.

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    Feel free to call us if you need someone to:

    Whether you live close to I-35 or westwards from Lions Park, it makes no difference to us. Reach out to us and we’ll arrive at your place in a jiffy to take that bucket of bolts to car heaven and place easy money in your palm. The more you wait the less money you’ll be able to make so call us today!

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