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Are you pondering over the question, “Where should I sell my used car?” We understand how overwhelming this decision can be. That’s why we provide a stress-free and profitable solution. As leading junk car buyers in your area, we offer top-notch value for pre-owned and even damaged vehicles. We’re committed to disposing of your vehicle in an environmentally responsible manner. So, whether you’re planning to sell your car for money or cash in Port Arthur, our process is straightforward and designed with your convenience in mind.

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    Experience the convenience of selling your car to our pick-n-pull in Port Arthur

    Choosing to dispose of your old vehicle with our help isn’t just a smart financial move. It’s also an eco-friendly choice that contributes to a sustainable future. As one of the top-tier junk yards that buy cars in the area, every vehicle we procure goes through a responsible and eco-conscious recycling process. We are dedicated to making your selling experience convenient while ensuring we uphold our commitment to the environment.

    • Excellent pricing

      We don’t believe in shortchanging our customers. We ensure that you receive competitive pricing for your vehicle, irrespective of its condition. Our evaluations are fair and transparent, enabling you to get the best possible return when you sell your car to our salvage yard in Port Arthur.

    • Eco-conscious disposal

      We’re not just about buying cars. We’re also about protecting the environment. Every vehicle we purchase is carefully processed in an eco-friendly manner. By choosing to sell your junk car to us, you are participating in a greener and more sustainable future.

    • Efficient process

      Your convenience is our priority. We offer an efficient and hassle-free selling process, from the initial evaluation to the final payment. Our junk car buyers strive to make your experience as smooth as possible and are here to assist you every step of the way.

    Make the most of your old clunker with our help

    Despite the condition of your vehicle, we are prepared to buy it. From vehicles that have seen better days to those that are completely totaled, we accept them all. If you’re wondering, “Where can I sell my car for cash in Port Arthur?” look no further. We offer something even better than cash for junk cars – a secure, reliable and quick payment. You can trust us to handle the process smoothly and professionally.

    • Fire-damaged vehicles

    • Flood-damaged vehicles

    • Scrap vehicles

    • Vehicle parts

    • Used vehicles

    • Wrecked vehicles

    • Junk vehicles

    • We’ll take your vehicle in any state and give you the most profitable offer for it.

    • Wide inventory with over 4,000 vehicles in stock

    • The option of self-service for your convenience

    • Easy and quick online inventory search

    • Commitment to eco-friendly car recycling practices

    • An affordable admission fee of just $2

    • An uncomplicated part removal process

    • Assurance of a warranty on all parts

    • Readily available customer support to assist you

    Make an impact and sell your car to a junkyard in Port Arthur

    If you decide to sell your car to a pick-n-pull, it can be a fruitful and impactful decision. By doing so, you can earn quick money and contribute positively to environmental sustainability. We are the best place to sell your car for a precise and quick payment instead of cash, offering both convenience and an attractive return on your vehicle. So why wait? Let us help you make a profit off of your old vehicle today and make a positive difference.

    Scratching your head over “How do I sell my used car in its present state?” Rest easy!

    We are equipped to purchase your vehicle in any condition. We promise a fair valuation and a streamlined process. Our used car buyers in Port Arthur are at your service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get rid of my car?

    You can sell your junk car for cash and dispose of it in Port Arthur in various ways.

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    You can sell it to private junk car buyers, trade it in at a dealership, or sell it to reliable used car buyers like us. Selling to a reputable service such as ours is often the most convenient and profitable option.

    Can you sell a car in Texas that doesn't pass smog?

    It’s the junk car buyer’s responsibility to get the vehicle inspected before registering it.

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    Therefore, it’s possible to sell a used car that doesn’t pass smog. However, you must inform the used car buyer of the vehicle’s condition, and selling a non-compliant vehicle could affect its value.

    How to sell a car in Texas?

    You first need to clean the vehicle and ensure it’s in good shape to fetch a decent price.

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    However, if you’re working with junk car buyers in Port Artur like us, you don’t need to worry about this, as we’ll take the vehicle in any condition. Next, you may want to remove the vehicle’s license plates and registration sticker. Finally, fill out the vehicle’s title, and release liability forms, and provide a bill of sale to the used car buyer.

    How much money will I get for my used car?

    The value depends on various factors like its make, model, year, mileage, and overall condition.

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    It also depends on the current demand for your type of vehicle in the market. By deciding to sell your used car to us, you can rest assured of a fair and competitive offer.

    Where in Port Arthur, TX and the surrounding area can I sell my used car for a fair price?

    You’re in the right place. B.Y.O.T. will buy your old vehicle in any condition. You can rely on us to buy old vehicles in different locations, including:

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    Once the deal is done, you can happily go for some air and relaxation at Sabine Pass Battleground State Historic Site or Water Umphrey State Park and enjoy the results of a profitable transaction. Reach out to us today and get started.

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