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If your ride is not as reliable as it used to be or you’re starting to feel like you could use a new set of wheels, BYOT has the largest offer of used vehicles for sale in Hempstead and the entire Texas area. Whether you’re looking to buy an almost-new used car with plenty of mileage to offer or a roadworthy junk car for sale, there is a great probability our parking lot has exactly what you need. With a digital archive you can explore online, we’ve made car hunting as easy and transparent as can be.

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As the best place to buy used cars on the entire Golf Coast, our salvage yard is brimming with activity day in, day out. With roughly 40 used vehicles for sale in Hempstead, you can be sure we have plenty of options fit for every budget. From fully operational pickups and family-friendly SUVs to speedy roadsters and three-door coupes, numerous attractive rides are picked off from our parking lot every hour of the day.

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As a locally-owned and family owned enterprise that operates in Hempstead and the entire Gulf Coast, we take pride in our Southern manners and hospitality. We’re honest, obliging, and won’t beat around the bush when it comes to dealmaking. Our technicians will help you find your way around the shop and offer a helping hand if you need to do some heavy lifting. Don’t want to get down and dirty—no problem, we digitized our offer so you can browse through our intuitive catalog without breaking a sweat. Drop down to our place and you’ll surely find:

  • Vast offer & daily arrivals

  • Helpful staff & limited paperwork

  • Budget-friendly deals

  • Searchable online inventory

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We’ve digitized our offer down to the last bolt to give you the option of exploring our used car lot from the comfort of your home. Just pour a drink and delve deeper into our extensive catalog or drop by in person if you like to feel things with the tips of your fingers.

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For our regulars who log into our Kiosk every day, we’ve reserved the first pick of the best deals on parts. With a substantial 25% discount on every fifth visit, our VIP club is packed with attractive offers even for the pickiest of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest month to buy a car?

According to available automotive sales figures and market reports, the end of the year is the best time to buy used vehicles in Hempstead and the month of December in particular.

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In December, most used car dealers are willing to offer incentives and discounts to attract customers who have money to spend during the holiday season. On the other hand, if you aren’t picky about a specific model, January may offer a great opportunity to find a cheap solution once the market slows down.

When buying a used car what mileage is best?

An honest answer would be—the fewer miles the better.

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In general, an average car user in Hempstead will put between 10,000 and 12,000 miles on a vehicle per year. A good way to determine the state of a used car you’re interested in is to multiply its age by 10,000 or 12,000. If the mileage of your vehicle of choice far surpasses this number, then it may be smart to look elsewhere.

Does age or mileage matter more?

While some hold that car age is the most important factor to take into account and others focus on mileage as the most reliable consideration, the truth is they are both equally important.

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However, it’s crucial to note that a third factor may be even more important than these two. In many ways, maintenance plays an even greater role in determining the state of used cars. Poorly maintained, downbeat, or neglected used vehicles for sale in Hempstead may turn out to be a worse investment than carefully maintained older machines with more miles under their wheels.

How do you say a car is in good condition?

A good indication that a used vehicle is in good condition is if it’s free of any visible defects and doesn’t have a history of major mechanical problems.

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When looking for a used car for sale with plenty more to give, you should always inspect its body and interior for signs of rust and cracks. Once you make sure there are no major blemishes, you should give it a ride to feel how it performs on the road. If the used car seller has a problem with you touching and inspecting the ride close hand, it’s usually a major warning sign of something brewing beneath the bonnet.

Who offers the best deal on used cars in Hempstead, TX & the surrounding areas?

Whether you’re located close to U.S. Route 290 or either side of State Highway 159, BYOT is your locally-owned used car dealer with some amazing deals on used cars. With an intuitive online database, friendly staff, and a catalog of car parts and used vehicles that’s hard to match, we’re your one-stop shop for all your automotive needs.

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No matter what type of ride you need, feel free to turn to us if you’re looking for a:

Walk into our salvage yard any time you want and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you drive off with your hands firmly behind the wheel. Check out our offer today!


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