A car is not something that you change every day (or year). Especially in today’s economy, when prices of vehicles have never been higher, buying a car is an investment that’s supposed to last for years if not decades. For this reason, most buyers start their quest by researching which cars last the longest. 

Fortunately, that’s why we’re here today! With this guide, you’ll not only learn what some of the longest-lasting cars available today are but, also, why are they so highly regarded, helping you make an informed decision and purchase a reliable vehicle that will serve you well for the foreseeable future.

What cars have the longest life expectancy?

While there are no cars built to last forever, some can get pretty close to that mark. A vehicle’s life expectancy is influenced by a host of factors, ranging from manufacturing quality to the previous owner’s responsibility. As such, cars that last the longest are typically those that fulfill most or all of the below criteria.

What car brand is the most reliable


The title for “longest lasting cars” is typically associated with specific vehicle brands or models, which comes as no surprise. Companies that combine durable components, precision manufacturing, and reliable engineering tick all the quality boxes, ensuring that their vehicles remain dependable long after they’ve left the assembly line.

Manufacturing & component quality

Tying into the previous point, the quality of materials used in manufacturing, the design of components, and assembly precision are factors that determine the vehicle’s potential to stand the test of time. As a general rule, well-built vehicles have much greater potential to resist premature wear and tear, making them more likely to exceed their nominal lifespan.

Maintenance quality

The consistency and quality of regular maintenance services (e.g. oil changes, fluids checks, brake inspections, etc.) are the factors most responsible for the vehicle’s long-term durability and reliability, bar none.

In virtually every recorded instance, the longest-lasting cars were those that received appreciable care over the years, allowing their owners to enjoy their four-wheeled companions for decades and hundreds of thousands of miles.

Driving conditions

How the vehicle was utilized is a significant contributor to its overall state. If the car has been used for commuting and, therefore, subject to constant stop-and-go city driving, its components were likely subject to extensive strain.

On the flip side, let’s say that the car’s been used mostly for road trips from College Station to Lake Somerville State Park. Although this is a much longer drive than your everyday commute, it puts significantly less pressure on the components, thereby reducing the overall wear and tear.

Driving practices

The previous owner’s roadside behavior impacts the car’s potential longevity. Aggressive driving practices, such as hard braking, rapid acceleration, or excessive speeding, wear the mechanical components down incredibly fast. In contrast, gentle driving practices help preserve the integrity of car parts, thereby increasing the overall lifespan of the vehicle. 

Accident history

Regardless of how well it was built or how good the repair job was, a vehicle that was involved in an accident is unlikely to last for a prolonged period. With these cars, there’s a high probability of hidden, unaddressed damage that can render them unreliable and unsafe. 

Therefore, when buying a used car from a local dealership, don’t rely solely on the mileage or looks. Instead, be sure to always ask for VIN and maintenance records, as these can help you determine not only if the vehicle has been in an accident, but the overall quality of care it received over the years.

Which brand of car lasts the longest?

Recently, iSeeCars.com analyzed more than 260 million vehicles sold between 2012 and 2022 to determine what car brands last the longest. (i.e. most likely to last for more than 250,000 miles). 

To no one’s surprise, the Japanese Toyota came out on top in virtually every aspect, boasting an incredible 19.5% higher overall chance of exceeding the 250,000mi mark. As far as the individual models are concerned, the five that absolutely crushed it on every front are:

  • Land Cruiser 47.9%
  • Tundra 47.9%
  • Sequoia 47.1%
  • Avalon 33.1%
  • Camry 20.4%

Giving them a real run for their money, in the 2nd place is our own Chevrolet – an American subdivision of General Motors. Models such as Silverado 2500HD and 1500, as well as their “little” SUV brother TrailBlazer boast amiable 41.2%, 31.0%, and 15.6% chance respectively.

Following closely in their wake, we have another Japanese brand: Honda. With more than a respectable 17.2% chance, embodied in models such as Accord, Pilot, and Odyssey, our Tokyo-headquartered friends solidify their position as a leading force in the automotive industry.

While they may not be in the Top 3, the longest-lasting car brands that bear mentioning are GMC, Ram, and Acura, which all fall just shy of 16%. Finally, the last, but by no means the least, are Ford, Subaru, and Lexus, none of which exceeds the 14% mark, but still deserve consideration as some individual models rank incredibly high on the list.

What car brand is the most reliable?

Things aren’t much different on the reliability front, either. Recently released Consumer Reports (CR) for 2023 paint pretty much the same landscape. Eastern manufacturers dominate the list, with seven out of ten brands being Asia-based. 

Once again, Toyota knocks it out of the park with their luxury division Lexus being the de facto 1st, and the parent company close 2nd on the list. Much to everyone’s surprise, the European MINI ranked 3rd, surpassing Acura and their parent company Honda.

It’s also surprising that most German manufacturers, including names such as Deimler-Benz and Volkswagen, dropped off the Top 10 list, with the exception of specific models, such as VW Jetta and Golf, and Audi A8.

Which brand of car lasts the longest

This only leaves Porche (8th place) and BMW (9th place) as their “representatives”, sandwiched between Subaru (6th place) and Mazda (7th place) on top and South Korean KIA just below, at 10th place.

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