When buying a pre-owned vehicle, it is logical to expect it to last for the foreseeable future. The potential lifespans of different rides can differ drastically, with a gap between them so dramatically wide, that it counts in the hundreds of thousands of miles.

So, how do you know which ride to go for if you’re in Baton Rouge or Port Allen and looking for used cars for sale? That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring today so buckle up, dive in, and learn what are the top 20 cars proven to last the longest!

What cars have the longest life expectancy?

Before we get into the specific makes and models of longest-lasting cars, it is important to understand which factors can impact the vehicle’s longevity. Knowing this will help you make an informed decision when the time comes to upgrade to a new used ride.

Which used car lasts the longest

Brand reputation & reliability history

Not all vehicles are built the same – and the same can be said about their manufacturers. Some car companies prove, time and again, that they don’t mess around when they say they “produce cars that are built to last”. 

This is the case with Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, and a handful of other manufacturers, whose dedication to quality engineering and durable components netted them a stellar reputation among peers and consumers alike. 

Therefore, the first two things to check when browsing for a vehicle that should last you for the foreseeable future are the brand’s reliability history and consumer reports/reviews, as these can help you gauge the long-term performance of the car with just a glance.

Build quality & materials

As is the case with any product, vehicles made from high-quality, durable materials using precision engineering are guaranteed to last longer. However, the caveat here is that this longevity can be significantly influenced by driving conditions and habits, which brings us to the next point.

Driving conditions & habits

The way a car was driven and the conditions it had to endure drastically affect its longevity. Suppose the vehicle has been subjected to gentle driving habits (e.g. no sudden breaking, rapid acceleration, or stop-and-go traffic). In that case, you can expect a significantly lower level of wear and tear on components. However, the opposite is true, too. For instance, if the vehicle has been used for frequent off-roading, you can be almost certain that it won’t last much longer.

Tech & innovation

While “newer doesn’t always mean better”, in this instance – it pretty much does. Advancements in technology resulted in materials that boast higher durability, precise manufacturing methods, and a plethora of never-seen-before engineering solutions, all of which can contribute to a vehicle’s lifespan. 

Maintenance & care

The frequency and quality of maintenance have a direct and major impact on a vehicle’s lifespan. Regular checkups, prompt repairs, and proactive upkeep performed by a veritable professional go a long way toward extending the life expectancy of a car.

Which used car lasts the longest?

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – a list of the Top 20 Used Vehicles with the Longest Life Expectancy! The list is based on the comprehensive study conducted by iSeeCars, which analyzed more than 260 million vehicles sold from 2012 to 2022.

RankModelTypeChance to Last for 250,000 miles [%]Comparative Longevity Factor*
1Ford F-350 Super DutyPickup49.1%4.2x
2Toyota Land CruiserSUV47.9%4.1x
3Toyota TundraPickup47.9%4.1x
4Toyota SequoiaSUV47.1%4.0x
5Ford F-250 Super DutyPickup43.6%3.7x
6Honda PilotSUV42.7%3.6x
7Toyota TacomaPickup41.7%3.5x
8GMC Sierra 2500HDPickup41.3%3.5x
9Chevrolet Silverado 2500HDPickup41.2%3.5x
10Toyota 4RunnerSUV41.0%3.5x
11Toyota AvalonSedan33.1%2.8x
12Chevrolet Silverado 1500Pickup31.0%2.6x
13Acura MDXSUV29.2%2.5x
14Honda ElementSUV27.8%2.4x
15Honda CR-VSUV27.5%2.3x
16Honda AccordSedan27.1%2.3x
17Chevrolet AvalanchePickup/SUV26.7%2.3x
18Ram 2500Pickup26.3%2.2x
19Ram 3500Pickup24.3%2.1x
20Toyota SiennaMinivan23.3%2.0x
* Comparative Longevity Factor describes how many times longer a vehicle is expected to last compared to the average.

To exactly nobody’s surprise, pickup trucks and Toyotas dominate the above list, followed closely by SUVs and Hondas. From a vehicle type standpoint, this comes as no surprise, as both pickups and SUVs are engineered to withstand a lot, as well as act as both utility and passenger vehicles.

On the flip side, both Toyota and Honda have been well-established as two manufacturers that produce cars that endure, and have been doing so for decades. Of course, the same can be said for other companies on the list, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

All in all, if you’re looking for a vehicle with a proven track record, you can’t go wrong with any of the above – even if you go for older models.

What cars have the longest life expectancy

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