While most people have heard of auto salvage or pick and pull yards, many people are unfamiliar with how these facilities actually operate. At BYOT, we work hard to provide one of the safest, cleanest and environmentally friendly auto salvage yards in the country. We are committed to our customers and want people to be aware of the great savings and services they can find at BYOT Auto Parts.

Here are some ABC facts to familiarize people with who we are and what we do at BYOT Auto Parts:

Admission to the yard is $2, and you must be 16 to enter. 

Bring your own tools and be prepared to pull the parts you need.

Closed toed shoes and appropriate clothing are required in our yards for your safety.

Don’t waste valuable time digging through jumbled piles. Our yards are clean and organized. 

Enjoy our friendly, helpful and professional staff. 

Find the parts you need quickly and save both time and money.

Get the parts you need at a price you like.                       

Hoists are provided for your engine pulling convenience. 

Inventory is updated daily and posted to our website.

Know that we properly drain all fluids and remove the battery from every vehicle in our yard. 

Look on our website for parts pricing and vehicle inventory so you can be better informed.

Maps of our yard layout are online to make finding specific vehicles easy and convenient. 

Need a used vehicle? We sell used cars as well, and our inventory is posted on our website.

Our top priority at BYOT is safety. We value our customers and think they deserve excellence.

Parts interchange software can help our customers find compatible parts for their vehicles.

Quit overpaying for auto parts! Instead, come pick and pull your parts at a fraction of the cost. 

Recycling vehicles properly is important to us because it matters to the environment. 

Sell your car to us, running or not. We will give you a free quote and get you paid today!

Three BYOT locations currently exist: Waco, Beaumont, Bryan College Station

Ultimately, we want our customers to be safe, be satisfied and save money.

Vehicles in our yard are grouped together in sections by make for efficiency and convenience. 

Wheelbarrows and wagons are also available to help with easy hauling of tools and parts. 

X-perience the excellence and potential savings of a well-run auto parts salvage yard.  

You can save up to 75% when you buy used parts as compared to new part pricing. 

Zip on over to BYOT to get the parts you need at a price you can afford. 

At BYOT, we pay attention to details so your pick and pull experience is easy, efficient, and economical. We never cut corners on safety, and we take pride in protecting the environment and serving our customers with excellence. You can be sure that BYOT has crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s when it comes to running a top notch auto parts business!

Sell your car in Waco, sell your car in Bryan, sell your car in Beaumont, & sell your car in Baton Rouge!