People tend to understand and prepare for the stress that cold weather can place on their vehicles, but many people do not realize that hot weather can be just as detrimental and damaging. Texas summers are notoriously hot, and while most Texans are somewhat used to the heat, our automobiles are not. Extreme heat, summer road trips, and hot road surfaces can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to vehicle performance and maintenance. A little extra attention to tires, batteries, and fluid levels can help your vehicle survive the heat of a Texas summer. 

TIRES: Tires need to be checked more frequently during summer months. Hot road surfaces can wreak havoc on tread and tire integrity.  Checking tire pressure and making sure that all four tires are equally and properly inflated to PSI recommendations can help lessen the impact of hot road surfaces on tires. Since summer often means longer road trips, tires need to be inspected regularly to ensure travel safety.

BATTERIES: Hot weather can oftentimes shorten battery life since two things that are known to  damage a battery are heat and perpetual vibrations. In Texas, both of these tend to be amped up during the summer months. Summer vacations often equal long road trips with long uninterrupted durations of vibrations for the battery. Another smart idea regarding summer and battery performance, is to always carry jumper cables to help avoid being stranded in high heat situations. 

FLUIDS: It’s no secret that hot engines need lubrication. That is all the more important during a hot Texas summer. Keeping up with regular oil changes is vital, as is keeping a close eye on the temperature gauge to prevent overheating which can quickly ruin an engine. Another thing that many people may not realize is that antifreeze is not just for the winter. Antifreeze actually doubles as a coolant during the extreme heat of summer. Paying special attention to radiator hoses, the water pump, and all the components of the cooling system is important as well to  keep your car from overheating. Another tip for the heat of summer is to use wiper fluid and run your windshield wipers on occasion to keep them from melting to the windshield. 

At BYOT we care about our customers and realize how the heat of a Texas summer can be detrimental for an automobile! Awareness and being proactive can help protect your vehicle from heat related damages. BYOT sells tires and batteries, and we have hoses, radiators, and other parts that you can come pick and pull to ensure that your car has the best chance of surviving the extreme heat of a Texas summer. 

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