Let’s face it, 2020 was a challenging year! 

Businesses had to make adjustments to policies and procedures to focus on COVID safety, and here at BYOT we were diligent in doing that the right way. We masked up, downsized all of our big sales/promotional events, and did our best to limit customer-to-customer contact. The health and well being of our clients was our number one priority. Even though 2020 was a tough year, it was also a record year for us, which only goes to prove one thing: Doing things the right way and putting safety first pays off! Hindsight is literally 2020, and we are thankful for a new year and new opportunities to continue practicing this core value!

Now in 2022, on top of being the very best self serve auto parts store around, BYOT wants to buy your car

You are welcome to visit BYOT if you are in Waco or anywhere in central Texas and are looking to sell your car. No matter what the condition of the vehicle is, no matter if it is running or not, we will buy it. We want to buy it the right way and the safe way!

Why sell to BYOT?? 

For starters, we pay the most for your unwanted vehicles; you can take that to the bank! We are ready and willing to make you an above-the-board offer on your vehicle, running or not, that you simply cannot refuse.  

Secondly, we are committed to buying your vehicle the “right way”, following all safety and licensing protocols. You can rest assured that BYOT will responsibly drain all oil, gas, antifreeze, and other liquids to help protect the environment. We focus on getting parts sold to people who need them. We hold all the required licenses to legally buy, salvage, and properly report the vehicle’s end-of-life status to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Our customers can trust that all title information is properly reported so no false claims against the owner or vehicle can surface in the future. 

You can trust that BYOT will buy your vehicle and fully recycle it with complete integrity. We aren’t interested in buying stolen cars or taking shortcuts. We are dedicated to doing things the right way and paying special attention to our customers and environmental safety. This commitment to excellence has benefitted us and our customers in the past, and we have no doubt that it will continue to do so in the future. With our track record of putting safety first and doing things the right way…

Why would you go anywhere else for parts? 

Why would you sell your car to anyone else?

Since customers are our number one priority, let us meet those needs for you! 

We are anticipating another great year in 2021, and we hope that at some point it becomes safe to once again host large sales and promotional events. Those are always fun, and we enjoy seeing our customers face to face.  

Locations where you can sell your car

For your convenience, we have several locations across Texas and Louisiana where you can sell your car. If you are trying to sell your car in Waco then BYOT Auto Parts in Waco, TX is the perfect place for you. If you live in central Texas then you are in luck as we have several locations in this area. If you need to sell your car in Bryan then contacting BYOT Auto Parts in Bryan / College Station, TX would be more ideal. If you live further south and you want to sell your car in Beaumont then check out BYOT Auto Parts in Beaumont, TX. We just recently opened our newest location in Port Allen this year. So if you need to sell your car in Baton Rouge, Port Allen, or anywhere else in Louisiana then trying contacting BYOT Auto Parts in Baton Rouge LA.

Give us a call or visit byotautoparts.com if you have any questions. We would be happy to assist you!