If you want to save time and money when it comes to auto parts… then BYOT Auto Parts is the place to go! No other place offers better prices, more convenience, or the organized pick and pull auto recycling center that BYOT is famous for. BYOT knows your money and your time are valuable, so we work hard to provide a safe, quick, and affordable experience to help you locate and purchase the auto parts you need!

At BYOT, you won’t spend time digging through a jumbled scrap pile or spend your money on costly replacement parts. Our unique process allows you to find the parts you need at a price you can afford. We leave our inventory as-is, so you never have to pay a mechanic or auto parts specialist to remove parts from used vehicles. We buy vehicles running or not from people just like you, so our inventory is constantly updated.

Our professional staff will save you time by pointing you in the right direction, and we utilize interchange software to help identify which vehicles might have the parts you need. Our clean auto recycling centers, professional staff, and organized approach will have you back working on your vehicle in no time at all.

At BYOT, our customers save money by using their own tools and expertise to locate auto parts and remove them. Our prices are fair and the savings are BIG. Repairing a vehicle doesn’t have to break the bank, because buying auto parts from BYOT typically amounts to a 75% savings for our customers as compared to new parts pricing.

Another perk of doing business with BYOT is the confidence of knowing that BYOT goes above and beyond to do their part to “save” the environment. We pride ourselves on maintaining one of the most environmentally friendly auto recycling centers in the country! We responsibly remove all fluids and recycle every possible part of the vehicles on our lots. We do this because we genuinely care about the environment and our customers.

So, come visit us at BYOT Auto Parts! We want to save you time and money while also helping to “save” the environment by continuing to responsibly recycle every part of the vehicles entrusted to our care.