How Widespread Are Car Buying Scams?

If you listed your call for sale on-line you are likely to get many calls from high pressure middle men looking to buy your car cheap then sell it to an Auto Recycler or other dealer for top dollar. Don’t fall for the Middle Men, contact a reputable car buyer in Waco directly.

Look out for the Internet middle man when selling your car, truck, or SUV

Auto Recycling is big business and many unscrupulous websites have popped up in recent years using the same tactic of buying your car on the cheap then reselling it for more money. Never agree to Sell Your Car Online without talking to the potential buyer. Ask if they are a licences Auto Recycler, that is where you will get the Best Price for Your Car.

Hidden Tow fees for junk car removal

The middle men that buy your car are going to resell it before it is even picked up, often leaving you stuck with a tow charge. Ask about towing fees up front. Auto Recyclers own their own tow trucks and typically do not charge the seller for towing.

Getting Paid the most for your unwanted, wrecked, or junk vehicle

First of all know who you are dealing with. Ask for a business address and do your homework.

Buyers who will not give you a physical business address or want to pay you in cash are probably the middle man, buying and selling your car for their profit. While cash may seem attractive it’s a sure sign that you are not dealing with a real business. Real businesses have locations you can visit and do business with bank checks.